Garden of Aether is a real-time simulation in which non-playable characters autonomously interact with the digital environment. Each brief generation of the characters builds a new sculpture in a sonic and visual landscape. The cameraman documents this whole process and no two instances are the same. Building the sculptures consumes computational resources and the computer gets hotter and hotter, while the digital environment becomes more polluted. Each generation ends with a run to the fire exit, just to be replaced by the same behaviors.

The whole simulation runs on a custom-made computer.
Single-channel installation, real-time computer simulation

Comissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag

Lead Developer: Eusebi Jucgla
Sound: Frank Wienk
Production: David Veneman
Typeface: Celine Hurka
3D assets assistance: Samuel Rynearson
Installation assistance: Jakov Habjan
Quartair Contemporary

Screen recordings

Installation on view in Quartair Contemporary Art Space, The Hague, Netherlands
The Hague, Netherlands